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Pune, Maharashtra,
India – 411 038.

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Xillion Telecom

Industrial design

Xillion Telecom with its range of feature based phones catered to a mass market segment primary in suburbs and villages. Even though the consumer pays for the packaging, eventually it gets discarded post having product in use.

The brief was to come up with an alternative to replace its existing card paper packaging box with identical volume and material weight such that there is no increase in logistic cost.

Considering the target segment our design approach was to provide extended utility value and brand recall. Our co-creation session narrowed down to couple of ideas which would meet our design intent. Though a very simple solution but considering the target group and the environment, we were able to strike the right balance between product format and functionality. The primary packaging could be used as a lunch / utility box with a dock for detachable LED light to work as a table lamp. This integration was detailed such that the LED lamp could be mounted anywhere and get powered through the mobile battery. Need for any secondary packaging was eliminated by adding the brand and graphics on the packaging box at the molding stage creating a strong band recall through extended utility. Secondly the consumer feels satisfied for having received every worth of money spent.