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VEGO Home Science

Empire range of air coolers

Offering a complete range of air coolers was as important to portray VEGO as a competitive brand with a wide range of products under one umbrella. Lack of tower air cooler was one pocket where it was falling short of a product range which would help them achieve better market penetration.

A tower air cooler caters to a consumer segment who seeks products to make a style statement. This segment of consumer is also well informed of the market and the wide range of products it offers. For VEGO it was necessary that this product delivered better against its competitors not just technically but also aesthetically.

Keeping our prime focus on product styling followed with engineering, we looked at automotive industry for inspiration. Over the past couple of years this market has witnessed a radical change in redefining contemporary and futuristic automotive styling. It seemed obvious that the trend has shifted from curvaceous, bulbous surfaces to more edgy, tighter curves and facets. Our styling approach was outlined to keep pace with the market trend from the automotive sector where styling has been the key to influence consumer emotions. While refining our concepts we aimed to achieve an authoritative frontal stance with tapered surfaces on either sides of the tank to reduce the visual volume and add to sleeker proportions. Apart from aiming to be best with aesthetics, optimizing on manufacturing cost was essential as it had to compete with existing competition.