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Secure IV Cannula

A wide range of IV Cannula is available in the market catering to various consumer preferences. Most of these solutions distance the consumer due to its cost, leaving a potential hazardous situation which can lead to spread of infections.

There are electric needle incinerators where they can be destroyed, but this solution also leaves a transition gap where the needle is withdrawn from the patent and then destroyed. The challenge was to come up with a solution that makes the needle unusable the second it’s withdrawn from the patient.

Having conducted preparatory research into integration of all technical functions, Core design developed a product platform that was easy to integrate. Various product concepts were evaluated and mechanisms iterated to narrow down for the best possible solution. Furthermore, the design has telescopic components with hidden locks to avoid tampering. The needle once withdrawn locks itself in the chamber and cannot be reused. The needle would bend and be non usable if one tries to remove it by force, this ensures complete safety of the handler from any infections. Besides the emphasis on secured usage and disposal, the focus was also on efficient assembly and minimizing the use of material.