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Environment branding

One of the prime objectives on NSE was to educate people towards financial empowerment. This had resulted in conducting online certification by NSE in financial markets to help professionals and students to learn finer nuance of trading.

It was necessary to portray a panoramic view of the market in a way that NSE could communicate to visitors across age groups and professionals trying to achieve financial understanding. The challenge was to weave together the competitive characteristic of currency and the way transactions have transformed over the time synchronized with human evolution. In a nut shell, an environment which will provide information, engage and educate visitors to achieve financial know how.

Creating one such habitat will educate visitors towards financial empowerment across various touch points triggering their senses, encourage curiosity and excitement. Our theme for the space revolved around an athlete who puts in a lot of efforts to keep himself fit and be ready for challenges- so by virtue of its existence, the market landscape puts forth lots of opportunities in which the currency has always seen itself striving hard to be competitive. As one gets guided along the race track, relevant information unfolds beginning with method of transaction evolved with human civilization to modern day digital media all depicted through dioramas and interactive info-graphics. The info-graphics across touch-points also undergoes visual and tactile treatment to illustrate its journey through a time capsule. At the heart of this journey is a mock trading room, to expose and sensitize visitors on how trading happens in actual market scenario.